Pile Saver Guarantee : Stop Shipworm Damage

20 Year Guarantee

Pile Savers are guaranteed to extend your new or existing pilings' lifespan up to 20 years!

Durable Material

Not only will Pile Savers be working for you 24/7 but they are made to last and withstand weather, water and anything else that nature throws at them. With a polyethylene exterior shell for protection from the elements and a no-rot pvc interior scrubber, Pile Savers are designed to protect your pilings for decades.

Stop Marine Growth, Ocean Isle Beach, NC These pilings were 3 years old when pile savers were installed. The X bracing was moved above high tide level and the pilings scraped before the pile savers were installed. With pile savers installed the owner of this pier will never have to worry about his pilings becoming fouled again because the pile savers are guaranteed for 20 years.
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Pile Savers | Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Pile Savers is located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC and provides Pile Savers and installation nationwide.