Stop Marine Growth with Pile Savers!

North Carolina State University Pilesaver Study

Keep Marine Growth at Bay

Trying to keep pilings free of marine organism growth can be a frustrating and time consuming task. In an effort to protect their expensive docks, most pier or dock owners frequently scrape and pressure wash the growth that prematurely rots pilings. This is tedious, labor intensive and expensive!

Easy way to Stop Marine Growth

Pressure Wash No More! Pile Savers are an easy and affordable way to stop marine growth, rotting and shipworm damage to piers, docks and pilings!

Stop Marine Growth, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Marine Growth Prevention Solution

Pile Savers (US Patent #8403598) were invented out of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, as a solution to preventing marine growth on pilings in rivers, lakes and oceans across the country. Pile Savers are versatile so that they will fit most forms of pilings on docks or piers. Specifically, Pile Savers work for round or square pilings of any size.

Extend the life of your pilings up to 20 years longer by using Pile Savers!

More About Pile Savers

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Pile Savers | Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Pile Savers is located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC and provides Pile Savers and installation nationwide.