Pile Savers : Piling Protection

Constantly Preventing Marine Growth

Pile Savers are not just an easy and affordable solution to Marine Growth, Rot and Shipworm damage on pilings – they are designed to work non-stop 24/7 for the life of your pilings.

Piling Protection, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

A Natural Way to Stop Piling Rot

Pile Savers work with the nature Tidal Movements to help keep your pilings clean. Pile Savers follow the natural up and down motion of fides, waves, and wakes to scrape your pilings and stop those pesky marine organisms from clinging – and rotting- your pier’s pilings. This means that once you install Pile Savers, you don’t have to worry about them! Pile Savers get the job done!.

Clean Pilings - 24/7

The US Army Corps of Engineers has done studies on piling damage and determined that most damage to pilings occurs in the "tidal zone" between low tide and high tide. This "tidal zone" area is where "Pile Saver" does its work to keep your pilings clear of attachments.

How to Install Pile Savers

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Pile Savers | Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Pile Savers is located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC and provides Pile Savers and installation nationwide.